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The Long Way to Be A Certified Interior Decorator

Certified Interior Decorator is one of good choice, if you want to choose career. As we all know, house will be always the best place where people spend most of their time. And, if you look at today’s society, they always want to create a best place to spend their time. This is where interior decorator help is needed. With help from interior decorator, we can create comfortable room like what we need. This is the field that you can use to try your new career. Of course, to be able to be trusted and relied on, you need to have certificate. To acquire that and become certified interior decorator, here is how you can get it.

Interior Decorating Program

Of course, the first thing that you need to do is enrolling in the right program to get certification. In this case, you need interior decorating diploma or certification. There are two methods to do this. You can attend the class directly or you can take online class. Nowadays, there are many colleges that provide online program you can follow. You can use their service. Now, because you need a certification as interior decorator, you will need to take special program. The program that you need is program that got accreditation from Certified Interior Decorator’s International (CID). This organization is the one that can issue the certificate that you need.


Now, after you have successfully take the class or program and get certification, what you need to do next is create portfolio collection as proofs. You can create interior design for your friend or family, take the photo of finished result and use it as your tool to show your quality. Of course, if you can get client from using this method, you can also take photo of the result of your client order and add it into your portfolio. This way you can build much better portfolio, which can affect your career and business in the future.

Professional Membership

The easiest way to find certified interior decorator is searching it through CID list. This is what many people or we also can call them as potential client, use to find the service that they need. Therefore, it’s good idea for you to apply for professional membership from CID. You can do this by using their online feature or send them email. Of course, to get the membership, you will need to show the proofs of your professional works and result, which can be found from your portfolio collection. This is not free. You need to pay around $500 for certification and examination, plus study guide. Yes, you need to take certification exams like other certification process. If you can pass the test, you will get the membership and certification that you need.

To take the test, you can choose two methods. You can use the online test that they provide or take paper copy that will be emailed to you. After you finish the test, you can send it to them. And, if you pass the CID examination and membership, you just need to wait a week to get certification that you need.

Important Things You Should Know

In order to pass all the processes that mentioned above, it takes time. To be really professional and certified interior decorator, you will need years. This is actually normal. For example, the degree or program that you take will need at least 2 years to finish. Then, to build your portfolio, you will need more time. Actually, the time when you build your portfolio can be said as the most important period here. This is the period, where you can learn more than what you can get from your class. More than that, this is also great time where you can hone your skill, build network and trust from your customer. That way, when you decide to take certification, you are ready to boost your business to another level.

The other thing is you also need to be able to know what your client need and wants. Therefore, you will need good communication skills. You can also take class for this part, if you want. That way you can get what you need to be Certified Interior Decorator.