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The Black Book Secret of Where Do Interior Decorators Shop

Where Do Interior Decorators Shop? Maybe this is the question that every people who are using the interior decorator service asked. Actually, there are two main reasons, why the customer wants to know about this matter. One, they are interested or curious about where these interior decorators can get those unique, beautiful and artistic furniture, decoration and such. The other reason is they just think that, if they know about the place where they can get it, they can buy it at a more affordable price. So, without further ado, here are the secret that has been held by interior decorators about the place where they got their stuff.

Simple Life Istanbul

This is an online store where Christine Markatos Lowe bought her tabletop for the client. The site is really beautiful. It looks like a bazaar venue. The theme for the product that you can find here are Turkish theme. They are all beautiful, and you can find many different types of products, such as ceramic, glassware and more. For example, you can find Blue Ebru Light Marble Ceramic Dinner Plate, which is only $75 or Gray Agrilla Set of Napkins that is priced at $200.

Tigmi Trading

This is the place where Michelle Zacks from Homepolish got many decorations with Moroccan style. The product you can find here can be said as a unique product. And, this place has many different products, from rugs, ceramic to cushions. If you visit this place, you will find yourself like entering Aladdin-like world. The product that you can find here are like, Dear Rosemary Kilim which is priced around $1,950. This is a beautiful flatware claim that use unique pattern from the Berber tribe from Morocco. There is also Mary Ann Turkish Kilim Cushion that you can buy only with $130. This cushion will be great choice for your room decoration.


This place is the place where you can get many products from top vendors from all over the world. This is also a favorite place for Lindsay Pennington, interior designer from Los Angeles as well as Bunny Williams Home and Rose Tarlow. This place has some of beautiful product such as Gracie Hand-Painted Wallpaper Panel that is priced at $635. This wallpaper can give some elegance nuance with traditional style for your room. Here is also Hickory Chair Belmont Side Chairs which is priced at $2,625. This one of best furniture you can find and the good thing, you can get the best price here.


According to Lindsay Pennington, this place is the best place where you can find really high quality product. There are many types of product and all of them can be said as the best product from many boutiques all over the country. This online store is really big; you can find not only decoration for your room, but also everything that you need. Some of good products you can find here are Vincent Chicone Midcentury Modern Coffee Table that is priced at $1,550 or August Morgan Embroidered Grasshopper Cocktail Napkins, which is really cheap, $36. Pennington said that these are best product that she can use to develop many different interior design styles that she wants.


According to Lauren Behfarin, the interior designer from New York, this place is the best place for many different unique and sophisticated decorations. If you want to find beautiful pillows, this is also the best place to visit. Behfarin also got all of the pillows that she used for her project. The store itself has “energetically positive” concept for their product. So, we can expect that you will get warmth that you need in your room from the product collection of Eskayel. Some of product that you can find here are Huerfano Ash Pillow, which is priced at $139. This product is the favorite choice for Behfarin. The other product is Bungalow Celadon Wallpaper Roll at $275. According to Behfarin, this product can give your room character change instantly.

Those were some great places where those interior decorators often visit to get the product for their product. However, you need to understand, that they have a connection with that place. Therefore, maybe, you won’t be able to get cheaper price like what they did. But, it’s still great reference and inspiration by knowing Where Do Interior Decorators Shop.


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