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5 Online Interior Decorating Styles Quiz You Need to Try

There are quite a lot of interior decorating styles quiz on the internet. Playing online quiz seems to be very simple yet it can totally define your style in decorating. Decorating a room is not something that you can take for granted. Basically you need to know your personal style first. Then, you can surely determine what style you want for the room you decorate. By playing quiz about interior decorating style, your favorite style will be revealed. You will understand what is the best style to decorate your room or your house. These quizzes below will surely give you the answer of what you actually want in a room. These five quizzes are addictive and can be played over and over. Below is the list of the best interior decorating style quiz online.

1.             MyStyleFinder Quiz

Playing interior decorating styles quiz is always fun. If the quiz can give you the exact design scheme that fit you the most, it will be even more fun. This MyStyleFinder quiz by Lony is exactly the quiz you need to reveal that design scheme. By playing this fun online quiz, you will be able to determine which style belongs to you the most. Whether you are a boho, traditional, contemporary, and so on, this quiz is going to reveal your true style. The quiz is also going to give you some advices on how to apply the style to your space.

2.             What’s Your Spirit Pattern

This quiz can be found in My Domaine website. The aim of the quiz is basically to figure out what colors and motifs you are naturally attracted to. When playing this quiz, you will be given some questions related to interior decorating, especially in the spirit pattern. Once you find out your spirit pattern, you can later figure out the overall style of your decor. At the end of the quiz, you will be given some suggestions as well about how to decorate your space using your spirit pattern. The results of the quiz are including pretty nautical stripes to global suzani pattern.

3.             Stylescope

This quiz is made by HomeGoods website. Probably this is the simplest decorating quiz you can ever play. The quiz is done by using abstract concept. By choosing the abstract pattern you like the most, you will get the result of your true style on decorating. Many people find this quiz amazing and fun to play. They also love the fact that this quiz delivers shockingly accurate result for most of them. If you want to find out your true decor-style easily, just play this quiz. It will not take you more than 5 minutes to play and to find out your inner interior style.

4.             What Style House Should You Live In?

Everyone knows that the Houzz website always brings so much help for those looking for interior design tips and house-decorating tips as well. This website is now going to give you some quiz as well. The quiz is calle What Style House Should You Live In? By playing this quiz, you will be able to discover your perfect style for your house. The quiz gives you series of questions related to how you like to decorate your house. At the end, the result appears and you can find out which style for your house that you like the most.

5.             Find Your Design Style

This quiz is created and published by Glo.com. The form of the quiz is multiple choices, which is so fun to play. The questions range from your favorite color palette to the way you like to host your guests at home. After you answer all questions given to you, the quiz calculates and considers your answers. At the end, you will get your result. You can see whether you belong to the rustic group who love to decorate the house with traditional and earthy elements or you belong to those contemporary people where decorating space needs unique elements. Find it out easily by playing this quiz.

Even if you want to decorate your house easily, you do not need any professional help at the stage of determining what style matches you. All you need to do is playing the quiz above to determine your style. After playing interior decorating styles quiz like five above, you can have the picture in your head about the interior design and execute it easier.

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