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How to Charge For Interior Decorating

How To Charge For Interior Decorating? This is actually an important question that you should ask to yourself or other people, when you are currently making a living by providing interior decoration service. By knowing this information, you will be able to determine the value of your service and hard work towards the client. Thus, it will bring satisfaction for both sides. Now, to determine how much money you should charge for your service, there are several factors you need to consider.

Working Hours

This is the basic method to decide how much you should charge for your interior decorating service. If you spend more time, the more charge you will be applied on your service. And, you should count all activities that you do with your client. This is including the time you spend when you have meeting with the client, designing process, buying the material, install the decoration and other. More than that, the location and your skill or experiences will be affected, how much you can charge for an hour you spent when providing the service. Of course, if you have more experience and better skill, plus good reputation you can charge more.

The Material and Goods

When you give the service, there are many goods and material involved here. You also can use this to determine the fee of your service. For example, you can give your client option, which are providing the goods and material by themselves or you are the one who will search and buy it for them. This will make a different price for your service.

Hourly and Markup on Goods Price

You can include all the aspects above into the cost for your service. That will help you to decide the price easily. This method will cover the cost for the time you spend and the price of goods that you need to create the design like what your client need or want. We can say that this will be a good way to attract more clients, when you just start your business.

Using Flat Fee Rate

You can use this method to set the price, when you are long enough run your business in this field. The right flat rate usually can be found, once you experienced and have lot of working hours dealing with your client request. That way you can calculate the profit and lost you will get when you get this method. Of course, you also can differentiate the service you are going to give with this kind of price type. The best of all, you give the normal with this type, so even though it has a negative effect, such as over work, you won’t lose too much. If you want to use this method, make sure you provide detail information about what you will give and your client get. most of client, usually afraid with this kind of method, because they think they will get less than it should be, and if there is addition, they will be charged more. So, by providing this information, you and your client can reach an understanding that can help the transaction.

Percentage of the Cost

This is also a great method to decide the price for the service. Basically, you will spend some amount of money to buy material, goods and other thing that you need to provide the decorating service for your client. Then, you add a few percent of that total cost and use it as the fee for your service or your profit. Actually, if we compare it with the flat fee rate, this method is the same. The difference is if the flat rate will see all kinds of job as the same, while this method can adapt with difficulty and the cost of each job. So, if we talk about which one that can give you more profit, we can say that this is the one that you can choose.

So, basically, the most important thing that you need to know here knows more about what you can give to your client as well as your value as a professional on this field. If you can find more about this thing, you will be able to decide this matter easily. So, instead asking “what will this service cost”, it’s more appropriate if you ask How To Charge For Interior Decorating.


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